Clayton county jail phone number

Clayton county jail phone number

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the receipt, custody, safekeeping, release, purging and destruction of all property and evidence brought to the Clayton County Police Department. The Property and Evidence Unit maintains evidence for future criminal prosecution. If evidence needs additional processing, Property and Evidence Unit personnel will transport the evidence to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Crime Lab. Once processing is complete, the evidence is returned to the Clayton County Police Department for storage.

Items that are returned to the proper owner will require proof of ownership and government issued identification. Please have your case number or the firearm serial number available so that we may assist you. When it is determined that your firearm can be released you will be required to show proof of ownership, government issued identification, and successfully pass a criminal background check.

We adhere to Federal guidelines: 18 U. We will provide the background check and it takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. We do not release firearms after pm. If you are having another person retrieve your property, the owner must have notarized documentation specifying the individual who will be collecting the property and specify the property to be picked up. They will be required to bring proof of ownership and government issued identification.

For customers who have completed the W-9 Form and are awaiting their check, you may contact the finance department for questions at phone number For questions about money that has been forfeited by The Narcotics Unit, you may contact them at phone number Human Trafficking Notice. How Do I? Social Media. Police Department. Clayton County Police Department. Click Clayton.

Report non-emergency neighborhood issues. From street repair, to tree damage or code enforcement issues, all of these can be reported and the progress of the work monitored.Schedule a Visit. Instructions for Video Visitation:. General population inmates are allowed one visit per week with up to four visitors at the visit.

Inmates in the honor dorms are allowed two visits per week with up to four visitors each visit. If you are visiting from another state or travelling a great distance, Clayton County Jail may allow you an extended visitation.

Call to ask for special consideration.

Property & Evidence Unit

Clayton County Jail requires all visitors to produce a proper ID and to check in at the visitation desk prior to the visit. Many jails are implementing video visits. Video visits allow the visit to take place in the privacy of your own home. Some family members 'take their inmate with them' to church, the park, the doctor or anywhere else simply by signing in and bringing the device along.

Video visits save you from having to get your children ready, drive to the jail, wait in long lines and go through security checkpoints just to see the inmate.

Video visitation is slowly gaining favor with all jails in America as jail management realizes the financial savings and reduced security risks involved with remote visitation. Click here to see if video visitation is now available at Clayton County Jail — as well as to view the complete set of rules, the cost to you and how to get set up online.

Anyone over the age of 18, can produce a valid government-issued photo ID can be approved to visit an inmate in this jail. If you are on probation or parole it is important to get permission from your supervising officer to visit an inmate before your first visit.

Not doing so could violate your terms of supervision and you could end up arrested. Visitation applicants in Clayton County County must sometimes submit to a background check. Those with warrants are denied visitation or if allowed to visit, will be arrested at the jail. Children under age 18 must be accompanied by the parent or legal guardian. You must bring a birth certificate or proof of guardianship for each child.

The Clayton County Jail reserves the right to deny any person the right to enter the jail it chooses and for any reason.

Inmate Bonding Information

The Clayton County Jail staff will turn anyone away who is not dressed appropriately for a visit. The best way to be sure the visit takes place is to dress as if you are meeting someone's grandmother for the first time.

If you are wearing any of the following your visit will be denied. You will not be allowed to change and come back for that visit. Coats, hats, jackets or hoodies.Search for an inmate. Clayton County Jail. Jonesboro, GA Photos and Videos of Clayton County Jail.

clayton county jail phone number

About the Clayton County Jail. Inmates range from low level misdemeanor offenders to those being held and awaiting trial for violent crimes like robbery, rape and murder. Therefore, the security level must be high. Correctional officers in Clayton County Jail are armed with mace and trained to use physical force to protect themselves, visitors and inmates from violence.

All of the men and women being held in the Clayton County Jail are either awaiting trial or have been sentenced in the Clayton County Court System and been sentenced to one year or less. Convicted and Sentenced Inmates. When an inmate is convicted and sentenced to a year or more, they are transferred to the Georgia State Prison System or the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Illegal immigrants convicted of a state or federal crime will first do their time, then may be transferred into ICE custody for deportation.

Sheriff accused of shooting woman not arrested

Clayton County Jail Tara Blvd. Cash claytoncountyga. Inmate Mail.

clayton county jail phone number

Inmate Phone. Sending Money. Inmate Bail. Inmate Search. A full list of the cities and towns can be found below. Search This Jail. Clayton County Jail Inmate List.

Clayton County Jail Inmate Search. Clayton County Inmates - mobile. Arrests in last 24 Hours.Welcome to the official webpage of the Clayton County Sheriff's Office. This site is intended to be a place for general information on the Sheriff's Office. For up-to-date information and news, please visit our social media pages under the Social Media tab above.

JOD is responsible for securing and maintaining the county's jail facility. Administrative Services is comprised of civilian staff. It includes Accounting, Records, and other civilian roles.

clayton county jail phone number

These services report to different divisions, but are gathered here for your convenience. Current Employment Opportunities in Clayton County. The Clayton County Sheriff's Office website has made reasonable efforts to provide an accurate translation. However, no automated or computerized translation is perfect and is not intended to replace human or traditional translation methods.

If any questions arise concerning the accuracy of the information presented by the translated version of the website, please refer to the official English version.

Thank you, Sheriff Victor Hill. Contact Us Address Tara Blvd.Watch Board Meetings. Download Our Apps. Harold R. Sheriff's Office Website. Docket book inmate information conveniently available and ready to be searched. Search for inmates by Booking Date in the past 48 hours, 14 days or 31 days or choose to Search by Name.

Name Search shows only Active Inmates. Sheriff's Jail Docket Inquiry. If you are a member of a law enforcement agency and require access to more extensive information, you may contact the Sheriff's Office. The information contained in these pages documents the activities of the Clayton County Detention Center.

The Clayton County Sheriff is required by law to provide certain information to the public regarding inmate admission and releases from the Detention Facility. The Clayton County Sheriff's Office provides this electronic Docket Book as a service to the citizens of Clayton County but in no way guarantees the accuracy of the information contained within.

The data contained herein is gathered from several sources of information. The Clayton County Sheriff's Office makes a concerted effort to update this information regularly in an effort to display to the public the most accurate information available. However, you are cautioned that this information is only as accurate as the sources from which the information was gathered.

The Clayton County Sheriff's Office continues to maintain a printed jail docket book for public viewing as required by state law. The information contained herein can change rapidly without notice to the public based on several factors related to the Criminal Justice process. The information provided on this site reflects that an individual has been detained in the Clayton County Detention Facility but in no way implies that any particular individual has been convicted of any of the charges displayed.

If you believe any of the information displayed on this electronic docket book is inaccurate or otherwise requires updating or correcting, please call the Clayton County Sheriff's Office Classification Section, Monday through Friday from am to pm at This record shall contain the name of the person committed, such person's age, sex, race, under what process such person was committed and from what court the process issued, the crime with which the person was charged, the date of such person's commitment to jail, the day of such person's discharge, under what order such person was discharged, and the court from which the order issued.

This record shall be subject to examination by any person in accordance with the provisions of Article 4, of Chapter 18 of Title 50, relating to the inspection of public records. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Jump to subpage Sheriff's Jail Docket Inquiry Disclaimer If you are a member of a law enforcement agency and require access to more extensive information, you may contact the Sheriff's Office. In accordance with OCGA - Maintenance of Inmate Record by Sheriff "The sheriff is required to keep a record of all persons committed to the jail of the county of which he or she is sheriff.

View Full Site.Securus has three 3 inmate phone calling programs. Check here to see which programs are served by Clayton County Jail. Contact Securus Online.

Contact Securus by Phone:. AdvanceConnect — Good Option if you are on a budget. Inmate Debit — Good Option if you are on a budget. Direct Bill — Used by those with long term inmates, Lawyers, etc. For information about Securus eMessaging inmate secure email services, please scroll down. Collect Calls Almost every jail, including Clayton County Jailwill allow inmates to contact pre-approved friends and family members' phones by calling collect.

This is typically the most expensive way to contact people by phone and in many cases, it requires credit approval or a deposit to be made into a third-party phone company account through a contract with the jail.

Direct Calls Many jails are now contracting with a third party service for a fee that is less expensive and allows your inmate to use their phone system to make direct calls to your land line or cell phone. Some jails also allow sell phone cards directly to an inmate in the jail commissary store. Securus Technologies eMessaging allows family and friends to communicate with an inmate using a messaging service that works like email.

Because Clayton County Jail contracts with Securus for their phone service, they either already or may soon allow eMessaging for their inmates. We recommend you download the app in order to use eMessaging. Things your inmate can do using eMessaging:. How it works:. The cost of each stamp is subject to change. Once you select your inmate, the stamp price will be shown. If you were unable to find the information you were looking for on this page, call Clayton County Jail at and ask their policies on getting phone calls from your inmate.

Many jails and prisons are increasingly restricting the amount of time that an inmate can use the phone by placing daily and monthly limits, so try to pace yourself and not use up all your time at the beginning of the month. Jails limit an inmate's phone time to certain hours of the day, so it is important you keep a regular schedule that works for both you and your inmate. If your inmate does not call you during the time you both have scheduled, don't panic. There are often long lines for phone use.

When a jail is on lockdown due to a fight or other security issue they do not allow the phones to be used. Phones are the only way for an inmate to hear your voice and temporarily 'escape' the loneliness of incarceration, so use your time well. Arguing about anything will leave you both feeling empty and guilty, so avoid it at all costs.Subscribe Stay connected with The Outside Inside Connection for exclusive offers and promotions sent directly to your inbox!

This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms. We will make every attempt to deliver your order on the next scheduled delivery day according the permitted times at each facility. Some facilities may allow multiple delivery days during a time period while others may only allow a delivery once a week. Example: Delivery day at the facility are held each Wednesday of the week.

Clayton County, GA

If an order is placed after a scheduled order fulfillment time, the item s purchased will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery day. In this case, the following Wednesday. No refunds will be issued. How many items can I purchase or send? There is a restriction based on the number of items you may purchase for an inmate. The site will restrict you from adding more than 1 item from either category and will notify you of an error as shown below. How do I find or search for an inmate to send a gift to?

In order to find a recipient to send a gift to, you must first place an item into the cart. At checkout, you will be prompted to enter in inmate information to deliver the gift to.

To search for an inmate, you must enter in their first name, last name or inmate number. After which, you will need to wait as the site actively searches against the database for the individual. In the instance there are multiple individuals with the same name, it is the buyers responsibility to know the inmate number. We will assume no liability for purchases sent to the wrong inmate due to the buyer choosing the wrong recipient and we will not offer a refund. How many items can an inmate receive?

Restrictions vary from facility to facility based on their regulations. In most instances a facility will only allow one item from any given category per inmate regardless of the number of orders. For example, the parent s of an inmate orders item s for an inmate and has a friend order additional items s. The restriction at the facility would dictate they they can only receive one order.

In this case, the inmate would not receive both orders. One order will be fulfilled in the current delivery week and the additional order would be held, to be delivered the following week. We will attempt to make a delivery to an inmate three times, if for any reason during those three attempts an inmate is not able to receive a delivery, including but not limited to any restriction, the order will be discarded.

I have a prepaid credit card that does not have a billing address, can I still purchase from this site? You will need to call or visit the website of the company that issues your prepaid credit card to register a billing address for online shopping purposes. A Card Verification Value, or CVV, is a number that provides extra security to credit and debit card holders, in case an unauthorized person gets a hold of your account number.

CVVs are one way to make sure someone has the actual card in his or her possession. The location of the CVV and number of digits varies depending on card type.


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